Friday, 23 April 2010

Diary Entry for April

Margaret is well on her way to her 100, miles that is, not birthday….although she is so fit and active that there can be little doubt that important occasion will be celebrated in style in 10 years time… but anyways I digress…

Margaret has walked 40 miles now and money is still coming in, in support of her incredible achievements. She has raised £369 since January. That is so fantastic, we are firstly so grateful and secondly, so in awe.

Margaret is also moving house, which is no mean feat (pun intended!)…and does her daily walk, in between packing boxes and such like. When she has settled into her new house in Topsham in a month, if you would like to meet her and walk with her for an afternoon, she would love it. She has particularly asked me to ask people whether they would. Such an interesting woman, you would have a lovely afternoon – please get in touch with us and we can introduce, just as a one off would be fine.

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