Monday, 16 May 2011

Starting at the TOP

Three members of TaxHelp for Older People lept over (ok crawled) the PrincessHay car park building in Exeter town centre last Saturday, raising money for Age Concern Exeter. 

Carol Pavely, Donna McKenney and Sophie Cunniffe all managed a smile on reaching the ground. It is something we will never forget especially the 12 foot ladder to get us to the top of the wall. The Outer Edge team were fantasic and very supportive. Without their humour and kind words I am sure we would have come back down in the lift.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Photoshoot for Age UK Exeter

Colourful clothes, smiling faces and lots of laughter were all part of the photo shoot on Wednesday 6th April 2011, the aim of which was to create new images to be used in forthcoming publicity to mark the move Age Concern Exeter is taking to become Age UK Exeter. Age Concern nationally has joined forces with Help The Aged to become Age UK - which has a vision of the world in which older people flourish.

Although the organisation is changing its name, their commitment to people aged 50 plus is remaining right at the core of their quality advice, services and groups in Exeter. The photo shoot happened after an advert was placed in the local community for anyone interested in our forward thinking organisation to join them and become models for the afternoon. Age UK colours were the order of the day. Local people of all ages, interested in or involved with the charity, chatted over cups of tea with the option of getting involved in various activities, such as playing scrabble, painting or having a good natter. The photo shoot was an opportunity to celebrate with people of different ages, make connections with people and have fun whilst creating the new face of Age UK Exeter.

There were dogs, bicycles, a glass of wine or three, texting, computers to name but a few scenes all decorated with a selection of backdrops, handbags and gladrags.

Martyn Rogers Director of Age Uk Exeter said “the afternoon was a chaotic, colourful and creative opportunity which has given us 100’s of pictures depicting people having fun, using modern technology and taking an active part in life and living. We look forward with excitment to becoming Age Uk Exeter and developing our services and opportunities for anyone over 50. Watch this space for some really interesting ventures later this year”

If you would like to find out more about Age UK Exeter, get in touch with Corinne Bailey on 01392 202092 or text “tell me more” to 07540 600829.

You can see a selection of photos from the day on our facebook:

Monday, 2 May 2011

£100 of Free Money

Last July, I started using a website called It links you with online retailers who will give a percentage of your order value to charity, at no extra cost to you. Today, I feel rather proud that I've raised £100 so far, just by clicking through this site to shops that I already used.

Most of the donations have come through Amazon or eBay, a few pence here and there all adds up. Every time I shop at Sainsburys, they donate 25p. Not a fortune but it all helps. My most lucrative donation was through Vodafone when I upgraded my mobile phone - they donated £45! Amazing.

So I enourage all you online shoppers, sign up to Easy Fundraising. You've got nothing to lose and imagine how much we could raise if there were more of us!

Here's a breakdown of how much the shops donated through my shopping.

RetailerAmount Donated
Vodafone £45.00
Amazon £13.39
ebay £10.27
Littlewoods £8.38 £7.87
Sainsburys £2.25
Body Shop £1.68
Marks and Spencer£1.31
Green Insurance Company £1.17
BHS £1.05
Perfume Direct £0.94 £0.77 £0.73