Monday, 2 May 2011

£100 of Free Money

Last July, I started using a website called It links you with online retailers who will give a percentage of your order value to charity, at no extra cost to you. Today, I feel rather proud that I've raised £100 so far, just by clicking through this site to shops that I already used.

Most of the donations have come through Amazon or eBay, a few pence here and there all adds up. Every time I shop at Sainsburys, they donate 25p. Not a fortune but it all helps. My most lucrative donation was through Vodafone when I upgraded my mobile phone - they donated £45! Amazing.

So I enourage all you online shoppers, sign up to Easy Fundraising. You've got nothing to lose and imagine how much we could raise if there were more of us!

Here's a breakdown of how much the shops donated through my shopping.

RetailerAmount Donated
Vodafone £45.00
Amazon £13.39
ebay £10.27
Littlewoods £8.38 £7.87
Sainsburys £2.25
Body Shop £1.68
Marks and Spencer£1.31
Green Insurance Company £1.17
BHS £1.05
Perfume Direct £0.94 £0.77 £0.73

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