Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jen goes skydiving :-D

Just over a month until jump day...6 weeks and two days until jump day...44 days until jump day...63,360 minutes until jump day...3,801,600 seconds until jump day...any way I look at it, it seems rather close! But, out of all of the above, time time in seconds is the most reassuring so far! I think I'm focussing far too much on how long there is before the actual jump; it's making me far more nervous than it should be!

Still going with the fundraising - am up to about £300 now, which is great! Have had a bit of a lull in getting sponsorship, need to do the final push to reach the minimum of £400! It's very much a case of grovelling for money from my a student myself, I know how hard-up we can think we are, which makes it much more difficult to get anything for sponsorship! If one particular friend reads this, thankyou for so kindly emptying out your purse into my sponsorship envelope; it is much appreciated!!

A weird mix of apprehension, dread and excitement has crept up on me - I still can't believe exactly what it is that I've signed up for! I'm sure all the others that we've got on the books for this are feeling the same way. It's going to be a fantastic day - I really hope the weather holds so that we can get a great view of the Devon countryside.

We're still recruiting people for the skydive - if you're interested, it's not too late! If you can't do the 21st of August, but still want to skydive for Age Concern Exeter, there is not another date - the 25th of September...any takers?! Let us know...01392 202092...I very much hope to jump out of a plane with you!

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