Monday, 8 November 2010

Talking Heads Review

Last Wednesday, I attended the first of two Talking Heads shows at the Globe Hotel in Topsham. Although I'm a Northerner, Alan Bennett seems to have escaped me so I really didn't know what to expect. I also wasn't sure what a 'rehearsed reading' would be like. I certainly didn't expect it to be as animated and enjoyable as it was!

There were two performances, first from Beth who is a drama student at Exeter University. Her role was that of an aspiring actress who thinks she's got a big break in the movies. It was wonderfully acted and I stopped seeing the piece of paper with the words because it was so well rehearsed that Beth hardly looked at it. She made lots of eye contact with the audience and delivered the story well.

The second performance was from our own Nicola Weate. Her character was a much older lady who finds herself widowed and unable to do as much for herself as she'd like. It was quite poignant because of the work that we do at Age Concern Exeter and the clients that we have. I felt quite emotional throughout. Nicola played the part wonderfully and both actresses received long applause after each monologue.

If you were in any doubt as to whether to attend the next event this Friday, buy your ticket now! It was a truly wonderful evening of entertainment and I can't wait for the next one which features our own Tony Harvey and Corinne Bailey.

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